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March 10, 2021

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March 15, 2021

Call for papers
Topics include but are not limited to

Welding material degreaser
Welding material electrode
Welding material angle grinder
Welding material welding rod furnace
Welding material electrode holder
Welding material grounding clamp
Welding material safety equipment
Welding material protection equipment
Welding material electrode
Welding core
Non-alloy steel and fine grain steel electrode
Heat-strength steel electrode
Stainless steel electrode
Titanium-calcium stainless steel electrode
Low hydrogen stainless steel electrode
Surfacing electrode
Cast iron welding rod and welding wire
Copper and copper alloy electrode
Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding wire
Nickel and nickel alloy electrode
Carbon steel and low alloy steel welding wire for gas shielded arc welding
Melt welding wire
Weathering steel electrode and wire for railway rolling stock
Stainless steel electrode
Aluminum silicon solder powder
Aluminum silicon solder powder
Aluminum silicon flux powder
Silver based solder
Copper base solder
Tin-lead solder
Oxygen cutting main welding material
Cutting nozzle
Oxygen torch
Oxygen cutting nozzle
Base metal (welded material)
Welding gloves
Protective mask
Ancient welding (casting, brazing and forging)
Fusion welding
Pressure welding
Diffusion welding
High frequency welding
Cold pressure welding
Flash butt welding
Submerged arc welding
Ion arc welding
Electron beam welding
Laser welding
Ultrasonic welding
Arc welding
Argon arc welding
CO2 protection welding
Oxygen-acetylene welding
Electroslag pressure welding
Argon welding
CO2 welding
Oxygen cutting
Gas shielded welding
Self-protective welding
Metal welding sculpture
Metal welding wall decoration
Electric welder
Flame welding equipment
Other welding equipment
Electric arc welder
Manual arc welder (arc welding transformer, arc welding rectifier and arc welding generator)
Submerged arc welding machine
Gas shielded arc welder (non-melting gas shielded welder and gas metal arc welder).
Resistance welder
Spot welding
Projection welder
Seam welder
Butt welder
Other welding machines
Electroslag welding machine
Plasma arc welder
High frequency welding machine
Electron beam welder
Beam welder
Ultrasonic welder
Friction welder
Cold press welder
Brazing machine
Welding safety protection
Welding environmental protection
Sensing and testing of the welding process
Microcomputer principle and welding application
Automatic control principle
Material fusion welding foundation
Welding method
Arc welding power supply
Welding structural mechanics
Welding metallurgy
Metal weldability
Connection method and process
Welding power supply and control
Welding structure engineering
Modern connection technology
Mechanical science
Electrical and electronics
Engineering mechanics
Materials science
Automatic control technology
Computer technology
Metallurgy and heat treatment
Thermal processing measurement and control technology
Other related topics

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